M3TAMORPHOSIS: The Rebirth of Costa Rican Nature.

M3TAMORPHOSIS will take you through a journey of inspiration and thought about Valerie Rey’s work, while experimenting the emotions of our existence and the natural beauty that always has distinguished Costa Rica.

Valerie Rey is a French artist that has taken Costa Rica as her second home since 1999. Country where the Nature that lives in it, gave her an impulse to express her talents and emotions through a unique artistic form, glass.The artist has dedicated her talents to give a new life to these bodies in Nature that have been forgotten or considered dead through time.

M3TAMORPHOSIS presents exceptional views of outstanding landscapes at Guanacaste, combining different locations as Llanos de Cortes, Rincon de la Vieja, Papagayo, Playa Negra, Playa Avellanas and Playa Junquillal.

Looking to amplify the artist concept and creativity surrounding this film, we decided to make the challenge of taking her workshop through the locations, making the Costa Rican Nature Valerie love so much, the main character of this production.

We hope this film will inspire you in such special way as it did with us.

CC available -Spanish -English -French

About the Artist

Valerie Rey, born in Paris (1965). Studied at the school of arts located in her hometown and since 1999, she lives in Costa Rica, country that became her home since then.

Through her life, Valerie has dedicated herself to design in different disciplines. And nowadays she dedicates her main passion to the art with glass.

Valerie Rey artworks have been featured in important festivals such as the Tamarindo Art Wave.

More information about Valerie at www.valerierey.com